Thanks for visiting my new Homepage dedicated to sharing my Artwork.


Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the journey that has led me to this point in my life.

I grew up, in a close knit family together with four brothers and sisters on the North-East coast of England in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. As a young boy I would spend hours walking along the beach, gazing out to sea, tasting the salt air in the wind and marvelling at the seagulls as they swirled above small trawlers returning from a hard days graft. It should be no wonder then why I have always felt such an affinity to the sea and this theme has been a central source of inspiration to me, both spiritually and in my work as an artist.

After completing my Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, I travelled to London to play music in a band, which led me to Germany for the next thirty years, working as a professional musician touring Europe.

Along the way I was to become a father of three wonderful children. 

Only in the last few years, having been inspired by repeated visits to the south-west coast of Ireland and the beautiful French countryside and towns of the Dordogne, did I rediscover my love of painting.


The results of this will be available in limited edition, high quality prints on this website in the near future.


I am currently living in Germany.